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Research - Virtual Acoustics - no longer active

This page is a collection of links and articles that are helpful to me with my research. The information here is intended for myself only. I use this as a central location for my research information. This page is in a state of constant change.

Aside from this note, it was last updated 2001-09-03 and no longer actively maintained. Many links are broken.

My Doctoral Dissertation Proposal

Auralization Links

This page is a list of links for my research. I've included a usefulness rating and some information to help me remember what information each one contains. Many of these links came from the Ultimate Spatial Audio Index

Useful Not Useful Need to check out


These articles are my own copies of articles that look useful to me. These links may not work away from my home machine. Apologies to anyone using this page elsewhere. There are also notes here to myself. Any electronic copies that I have are linked to the file on disk.