Dr. J. Anderson Mills III


Dr. J. Anderson Mills III holds a Computer Engineering degree (1992) from Clemson University (USA). He received his master's degree (1997, supervisor: Donald E. Thompson) from The Pennsylvania State University (USA) in Acoustics with a thesis on noise prediction for jet engines. He received a doctorate (2008, supervisor: Elmer L. Hixson) from The University of Texas (USA) in Electrical Engineering with a dissertation on algorithmic analysis of electroacoustic music using psychoacoustic models. Dr. Mills joined Numediart at the TCTS lab at Polytech Mons (Belgium) in 2009 with current interests in sound analysis, computer music, social DSP, dance analysis, and musician-instrument interaction.

Contact Information

Anderson Mills
1706 Giles St
Austin, TX 78722
512 576 2444
email: andersonmills at mailserver: konfuzo.net

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